2013 VW Touareg Specs


2013 VW Touareg Technical Specs

4.2L V8, 340 PS diesel engine
3.0L V6, 204 PS Clean Diesel engine
3.0L V6, 245 PS Clean Diesel engine
3.0L V6, 333 PS hybrid petrol engine.

2013 VW Touareg Fuel Consumption
2013 VW Touareg 3.0L 204 PS Diesel fuel consumption: 17.2 km/L
2013 VW Touareg 3.0L 245 PS Diesel fuel consumption: 16.7 km/L
2013 VW Touareg 4.2L 340 PS Diesel fuel consumption: 13.1 km/L
2013 VW Touareg 3.0L 333 PS Petrol Hybrid fuel consumption: 14.6 km/L

2013 VW Touareg Common Problems
- Injector problems
- Air suspension problems
- Turbo failure
- Gearbox failure

2013 VW Touareg Competitors: Mercedes M-Class, BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC90, Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne

Where to buy the 2013 VW Touareg in Kenya:
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2013 VW Touareg Photos:

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